Editorial - August 12: To good health and great living

A RELAXED coastal lifestyle, the best climate around and findings that Coffs Coast residents have some of the healthiest eating habits in Australia - now that's a one-sentence social pitch for our region right there.

As the CSIRO released its Health Diet Score Survey this week, there were widespread calls that Australians are addicted to junk food.

It wasn't until Advocate staff scrolled down to the regional breakdowns that we were amazed with the findings.

Coffs Harbour and Grafton outranked every other region in the healthy eating stakes.

The researchers behind this study say the findings are comprehensive, given some 40,000 people were surveyed.

The possible explanation behind the region's stunning picture of health, as opposed to other areas it seems, is due to a large number of retirees enjoying good health in the best years of their life.

It seems the Coffs Coast and the Clarence Valley just got a new claim to fame - "the healthy eating capital of Australia".

It's a great news story following the CSIRO finding in 2006 that the Coffs Coast has Australia's "most liveable climate".

Those are great endorsements for the place we love to call home.

Matt Deans,

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