LETTER: We are sick of being taken for granted by the Nats

WHAT more do the voters of Bundaberg and the seat of Hinkler need to see the light and get rid of Keith Pitt and the Nationals?

How many people picked up on the pathetic attitude of the elected federal member Keith Pitt blaming the council for putting all of its eggs into the one basket?

The sheer pomposity shown in his attitude was very distasteful where he all but said "Bad luck, but don't forget to vote for me at next year's election".

Instead of being outraged that Bundaberg missed out on such a vital part of moving forward infrastructure, once again we have been let down by the Nationals.

No roads, especially the Bruce Hwy, no bridges, no sewerage, no nothing while as I have been saying for many years all monies go south and north.

Being taken for granted by the Nationals as a safe seat has to change.

Why would Turnbull and the boys' club feel the need to grant $10 million to Bundaberg, we are not a threat at the elections.

Bundaberg is in the bag.

We of Bundaberg and Hinkler will forever be ignored by them.

Hinkler does not need a Dorothy Dixer-head nodder as we have, we need a fighter who will rattle the cage until he gets results.

What do we get, a wet blanket.

We need someone to represent us who will not stop fighting for the electorate and will not take no as the accepted answer.

Here is an open plea to all future candidates at the next elections, will the main body of the party commit to having urgent funding to get Bundaberg on the map.

We need a new, bigger access road from the highway to Bundaberg.

We need major funding for the Bruce Hwy death trap, planned infrastructure and not the promises and commitments always given by the Liberal/Nationals and never delivered.

We need job creation actions for the highest unemployment capital of Australia.

We need action on the highest obese capital of Australia.

We need action for the highest per capita pensioner populace in Australia.

We need sewerage.

Here is the catch though - if elected and they don't deliver on promises the member must agree to resign and not run at the next election.

We do not need another 23 years of impotent representation.

The Nationals including Keith Pitt have no need to respond to the call because their negative results over 23 years speak for themselves.


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