Letter to the Editor - May 6: Time to go underground

ELECTRICITY is an important service to modern man and likely to remain so long into the future.

Even though the means of generation will certainly change, transmission will always be by means of wires.

This being the case, could someone please explain why there is not a clear and definite intention to put all transmission wires underground?

Of course it is expensive in the short term so we must look at the average cost over the next 1000 plus years.

When so many new development areas include underground wires, there should obviously be a plan to relocate all existing systems in the same manner.

Consider all the positive aspects of underground electricity transmission, such as safety to bird life, no danger from falling wires in severe weather or after motor vehicle accidents.

There's also now aviation hazards, especially for light aircraft and no power outages and repairs when trees fall over lines, often causing fires and electrocution.

It rather irks me 50% of my electricity account is to cover poles and wires.

I would certainly be more understanding if this was used to change the system to "out of sight" transmission.

Lindsay Moulden

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