Letter to the Editor - January 7: Time to build a new road

THE Pacific Hwy was changed because technology increased. The old became antiquated.

One section we know well had a name change to James Small Drive. There were bends in it that truck drivers had to stop, back up and have a second go. Change was in the air and some areas are dragging the chain. Alterations were band-aid stoppers and worked for a while but eventually had to be replaced. Of course money for change had to be found.

Coffs Harbour is very fortunate, shipping wise. It is the only port between Newcastle and the Queensland border.

When timber was to be shipped, the port was there waiting. If minerals are discovered in sufficient quantities and quality, shipping would be only too happy to accommodate. Politicians must still ponder about Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. In emergencies how do the country people get from the west to the east?

There are towns and cities like Armidale, Guyra, Tamworth, Gunnedah, Glen Innes and Inverell. How do they get to the east? Coffs Harbour is so close, yet so far away.

Armidale and Guyra to Dorrigo is adequate; the Dorrigo Mountain is great when available and then there is MR120. It was built in 1906. Some of it is no different to when it was first built.

I contacted local government. It has a stopper on discussing anything about it because there isn't enough traffic to use it. Why? It is so terribly bad. It's only used by those who aren't ready to die.

We have Federal Government wanting to spend $700,000,000 (a year?), for the next five years for local government, if only LG would ask them. Have they talked to one another? I don't know. They could well say: "You know, that MR120 was finished in 1906 for horses. Obviously it is out of date. Why don't we build a new road?" Perhaps a new road is there for the asking?


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