Caroline Hutchinson
Caroline Hutchinson

Three weeks into challenge and I feel great

I MIGHT be a new person.

For more than 20 years I have struggled with my weight but I have a really good excuse. I've just been so bloody hungry.

Suggestions that I should live on shakes, give up alcohol or abandon all sugar have just seemed ridiculous to me.

Something short term - maybe - but never a lifestyle option.

Miraculously, I am almost three weeks in to my 12-week challenge and I haven't blinked.

I am eating two eggs and a tomato for breakfast, a shake for lunch and fish and salad for dinner.

If I think about food I have a drink of water and so far it's working.

I have given up coffee, raiding the lolly jar at work and anything made with flour.

I am drinking about three litres of water a day (I count herbal tea as water by the way, I know personal trainers don't but sue me.)

I still have white tea about five times a day and on Friday and Saturday nights I am drinking wine. Not like I usually do but about three glasses each day.

I don't know how much weight I have lost but I feel fantastic.

The Pursuit Fitness crew are keeping me motivated, we laugh as much as we lunge and I've even got back on the netball court.

I am sure if you saw me you wouldn't notice much change yet but it's weigh-in next Wednesday, I'll let you know how I go.

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