Live N Local to rock Coffs

ON May 22, The Plantation Hotel is hosting something new for the Coffs Coast region –‘Live N Local’– a night dedicated to showcasing the amazing talents of musicians we have on the Coffs Coast. The three starring bands, Nine Sons of Dan, The Outcome and One Eye Kings, took some time out to answer questions for Entertainer ahead of the big gig. Here’s what they say:

How’d your name come about?

Nine Sons of Dan: When we were together but without a name, there used to be a bunch of us that would hang out a lot, like nine of us. A friend said to us really quickly when we were thinking of a band name, ‘Why don’t you call yourselves Nine Sons Of Dan,’ because we were always over at the Dan Murphy’s bottle shop, across from where we lived back then!

The Outcome: I’m sure we would love to have a great story about this but really we all picked a name, wrote it down then rolled them into balls and threw them, The Outcome went the furtherest. So that was The Outcome. One Eyed Kings: One Eyed Kings is a metaphor for overcoming ignorance. So if you can open your mind half as much as somebody else you can live like a king. Deep, hey, I’m also blind in one eye.

How would you describe your music?

NSOD: Well because of Jay’s relatively distinct accent – he moved here from the States a few years back – we have a pretty American influenced sound. All American Rejects, Foo Fighters, are some of the bands I guess would be best to describe us but pretty much pop rock, some of its reminiscent of The Getaway Plan, and some of it is more dancey. People know what we sound like when they come see us so they should do that!

TO: A wall of sound-massive drums and low rumbling bass complemented with huge guitar riffs and raw but powerful vocals.

OEK: We call it swunk – that’s swamp funk which is a blend of my swampy influence mixed with Colin’s funky bass delivered with four to the floor drumming.

Career highlight to date?

NSOD: Getting our own riders with heaps of energy drinks ha ha! Playing with the Screaming Jets was pretty awesome, we got to met them and they were real nice so that was sick. And playing with Kisschasy and meeting them was definitely a high. Oh, I got to interview Jamie from BlueJuice when we played with them that was sick . . .

TO: Career highlight to date? We would have to have two standouts – supporting US rock legends Helmet at the Hoey Moey and also supporting The Butterfly Effect in front of a massive home crowd at the Plantation Hotel.

OEK: Graduating from the front bar to the back room at the Planto. The time they gave us sheets for the bed in our overnight accommodation.

How does playing in front of your home town compare to other gigs?

NSOD: It’s pretty good, we have some cool

venues in Coffs Harbour so it’s always fun and it’s awesome playing in front of your friends. Coffs Harbour is sick to play in and I hope we can always do shows here! We did an all ages show a little while ago and it was like the best crowd we have ever played to.

TO: Sometimes it’s great to play where no one has seen us before but Coffs crowds are usually pretty sick. Hopefully there will be a big crowd at the Planto gig.

OEK: No one knows us at home either so it’s much the same either way.

What can Live N Local audiences expect from you?

NSOD: Well the band has been in the studio for the last month so we have a bit of a new sound going. We’re really eager to play again so everyone can expect a really cool show with new songs, We also have a friend coming down and playing keyboard and guitar for us so it’s going to be really fun.

TO: A loud, energetic and all out heavy rock show with no gimmicks.

OEK: You can expect a dynamic set touching on new soul and swamp funk. Songs with a story and a few dodgy characters that may or may not be about myself or people I know...

Don’t miss these guys at the Plantation Hotel on Saturday, May 22.


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