UPDATE: HAZMAT crews have removed two 1,000-litre drums from the roadway after they fell from a milk tanker on Pine Creek Way. 

Crews are now waiting on a truck bringing in new containers so the remaining milk in the drums can be siphoned off. 

Coffs Harbour Fire and Rescue Station Officer Nat La Macchia said fire crews are concerned that milk has seeped through to nearby waterways in the Bonville area where it could impact on marine life by taking away oxygen from the water.  

The two drums are currently on the side of the road.

Traffic and Highway Patrol officers are urging motorists to exercise caution as the road is slippery. 


EARLIER: A MILK tanker has lost its load south of Coffs Harbour seeing thousands of litres of milk spilling onto the roadway.

The incident is currently being tended too by emergency services on the overpass on Pine Creek Way and Mailman's Track.

Fire and Rescue NSW has been told just after 10am two 1,000 litre drums of milk have fallen off the back of a truck onto the roadway.

Three Fire and Rescue and Hazmat crews are on scene and attempts are being made to right the overturned drums.

More details to follow.

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