This 'prime' land was once a swamp

GOT to admit that I've had a bit of a chuckle with a couple of Letters to the Editor that arrived in the office this week.

The ones complaining about how 'little' rent the Coffs Harbour Golf Club are paying for 'prime' land certainly caught my attention.

First of all let's look at the prime land issue. When the club first started operation on its current site, the land that it now uses was little better than swamp.

An inch or two of rain and a lot of the land that the course is sitting on would turn into a boggy marsh unfit for play let alone anything else.

Moving on from that, let me ask if you would rent a property from someone if every time improvements needed to be made to the premises you would have to pay for them, not the landlord?

I think that's highly unlikely.

It was a fortnight ago that Coffs Harbour had 420mm of rain in the space of a week.

Within the space of only a couple of days, the once boggy marsh that the golf course sits on was fit for play.

But this was because of the extensive drainage work implemented by the golf club, not the landlords (Department of Lands and Coffs Harbour City Council).

If the Coffs Harbour Golf Club currently occupy 'prime' land, it's because they made it so with funds paid by the members.

  • IF sports are competing against each other for corporate dollars and promoting themselves as entertainment, then surely Test cricket is about to miss out on some serious dollars.

Could the game possibly be any slower at the moment?

On Thursday night I stayed up until the tea break and saw South Africa bowl only 51 overs in four hours. That's nine overs behind the over rate.

These days it's almost like the captain is holding up play after every scoring shot the opposition make to have a chat with his bowlers.

If sport is entertainment, then try and pack in as much entertainment as possible into a day's play.

The time has come for captains and players to be suspended - it's the only way to speed the game up.

Can't imagine the ICC doing that though. After all, they've just introduced the referral system - another way to slow down the play.

  • HAD a couple of my mates make comments to me over the weekend about the number of Phillip Hughes stories that have appeared in the sports pages of the Coffs Coast Advocate over the past couple of weeks.

As I said to my mates, obviously they've forgotten how rare it is for a player from the Coffs Coast to play for Australia.

It's extremely rare for a cricket player from these parts to take the field for New South Wales let alone Australia. And from what I've seen of the current standard of Coffs Harbour cricket, it will continue to be rare for a while yet.

Having someone from our area perform on the international stage is something that should be celebrated.

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