Matthew Lievesley stabbed his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. Picture: Istock
Matthew Lievesley stabbed his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. Picture: Istock

Boyfriend jailed for stabbing pregnant partner

DRUNK and in a rage, a Queensland man screamed "this is how you make me feel" before plunging a kitchen knife into his pregnant partner's stomach.

Matthew Loch Lievesley, 28, had been drinking with his then 21-year-old partner and her sisters at a home in Beenleigh, south of Brisbane, in June 2015 when a comment about a sexual encounter between the pair sparked the violent assault.

After grabbing a boning knife from the kitchen, Lievesley pushed his way past his mother and stabbed the pregnant woman, who turned her body in a desperate attempt to protect her unborn child.

Lievesley then stabbed the woman multiple times in her breasts before driving the knife completely through her forearm.

Before being arrested, Lievesley assaulted the woman's 16-year-old sister and a paramedic called to the home.

On Friday, Lievesley was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment for the frenzied attack, labelled by Queensland Supreme Court judge David Boddice as an example of "dreadful, deliberate violence".

The woman and the unborn child both survived the assault and Justice Boddice did not deem the attack to be a serious violent offence.

Under Queensland law an offender convicted of a serious violent offence must serve 80 per cent of their sentence.

Lievesley's lack of any history of violence and his clean record since the incident were behind the judge's ruling, which means the man will be eligible for parole from July 19, 2020.

"It is dreadful, deliberate, violent conduct against not only your partner but others in the household," Justice Boddice said.

"It occurred in the context of excessive alcohol intake which may have been exacerbated by the tablet you took for feeling unwell ... It is difficult to understand how, even with those factors, you were placed in a position of such rage you could carry out these despicable acts."

Lievesley pleaded guilty to five charges on Friday including assault occasioning bodily harm before being sentenced.

His father, mother, current partner and sister said an emotional goodbye to Lievesley as he was led away to the cells.

Defence barrister James Godbolt said Lievesley was "ashamed" and couldn't explain why he had committed such a violent act.

"Mr Lievesley's behaviour on this night is completely at odds with the person that he is," Mr Godbolt told the court.

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