The word on a wave

The Northern Star.

COFFS Coast board riders can now catch a wave with God on their side, following the launch of the second edition of the Surfers Bible.

More than 75,000 copies of the Surfers Bible, first published in 2002, have been distributed worldwide, and the latest edition features the Old Testament in a surfer-friendly waterproof zip cover and The Surfers Guide to God, a pocket-sized Gospel of Mark.

Christian Surfers International director Brett Davis said the Bible has been altered to suit the surfing fraternity.

“Surfing is growing at a phenomenal rate all over the world and has become a world youth icon synonymous with excitement, freedom and a way of connecting with nature,” Mr Davis said.

The new Surfers Bible also includes a free DVD featuring a surfing documentary of top-line surfers such as Kiwi Kirk Beyer and one-armed wonder woman Bethany Hamilton.