Take on the Sunday Quiz

1. Have only Americans walked on the moon?

2. At the Rio Olympics, 19-year-old Katie Ledecky of the USA won four gold medals and a silver in (a) archery (b) equestrian (c) swimming?

3. Which member of the royal family recently announced he was retiring from public duties?

4. The Statue of Liberty is made from what metal?

5. A recent global survey ranked which Australian airline as the worst in the world?

6. Who did President Trump recently refer to as a "nut job"?

7. Which club won the 2016-17 English FA Cup final?

8. "Dearest darling I had to write to say that I won't be home any more, for something happened to me while I was driving home," are lyrics from which song?

9. Which 39-year-old was recently elected President of France?

10. Beginning with "f", what is the term for a usually harmless speck suspended in the vitreous humour of the eye?

11. Who captained New South Wales in the 2017 State of Origin series?

12. Which Queensland former federal MP and mining boss recently announced he had lost 58kg since starting a strict weight-loss plan?

13. A statue of which former Australian netball captain was recently unveiled in Brisbane?

14. Is chlorophyll a green or red pigment found in plants?

15. The president of which country has been dubbed "Duterte Harry"?

16. Which former England soccer captain had a cameo role in the recent movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword?

17. Strawberries and cream is a traditional dish served at which tennis grand slam tournament?

18. Dubbed "Captain Coward", for abandoning his ship in 2012, Francesco Schettino's 16-year jail sentence was recently upheld. What was the ship's name?

19. Which European country declared war on the United States in 1898?

20. In which chapel does the election of a pope take place?

21. What was the term for the murders committed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley near Manchester in the 1960s?

22. Which Western Australian lost $32,000 when she was disqualified for forgetting to sign her scorecard in a recent LPGA tournament?

23. Based on the dates of Civil War battles, who was pregnant for 21 months in the novel Gone With the Wind?

24. Which member of the royal family crash-landed an aircraft on the Isle of Islay in 1994?

25. In 1931, which future British prime minister received a head wound and two broken ribs while crossing a street in New York City?





1.Yes. 2.(c) swimming. 3.Duke of Edinburgh. 4.Copper. 5.Jetstar. 6.James Comey. (ex-FBI chief). 7.Arsenal. 8.Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa. 9.Emmanuel Macron. 10.Floater. 11.Boyd Cordner. 12.Clive Palmer. 13.Laura Geitz. 14.Green. 15.Philippines. (Rodrigo Duterte). 16.David Beckham. 17.Wimbledon. 18.Costa Concordia. 19.Spain. 20.Sistine Chapel. 21.Moors Murders. 22.Minjee Lee. 23.Melanie. 24.Prince Charles. 25.Winston Churchill.

Compiled by Roy O'Reilly.

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