The Sunday quiz

1. Which continent has the lowest highest mountain?

2. Does a hygrometer measure blood pressure or relative humidity?

3. Which US president had a tape recording system installed in the White House in 1971?

4. Is Cyprus or Sicily the largest Mediterranean island by area?

5. Name the only grand slam tennis tournament in which a tie-breaker is used in third set (women) and fifth set (men) singles matches.

6. Which Banjo Paterson character "caught the cycling craze"?

7. Bolivia is in which Australian state/territory?

8. Name the cryptoworm which was reported to have attacked more than 230,000 computers in more than 150 countries recently and demanded a ransom payable in bitcoin.

9. Who wrote and had a 1971 hit with Vincent (Starry Starry Night)?

10. Who is the only man to have won Australian PGA golf tournaments across five decades?

11. In 2006, which former Broncos code-hopper did the Australian Rugby Union suspend for two years after he tested positive to cocaine?

12. Which city is regarded as Islam's holiest?

13. Is the euro or the pound the currency of Gibraltar?

14. With almost 10,000 patents or patent applications registered, Kia Silverbrook, reputedly the world's most prolific inventor, is (a) Australian (b) Canadian (c) Israeli?

15. The Torrens River flows through which state capital?

16. Who recently found out on television that he had been sacked as FBI chief?

17. Who was the first female reporter on the Australian 60 Minutes?

18. "But to give to you and to give to me, love forever true," are lyrics from which song?

19. In which recent movie did Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer play a mother and daughter who are kidnapped and held to ransom?

20. Which Australian was recently ranked the world number one jockey?

21. Who starred as the Bride (codename Black Mamba) in the 2003 movie Kill Bill?

22. What was the maiden name of President Donald Trump's first wife?

23. What was unusual about the track for the recent international athletics meet at the Manchester City Games?

24. Who was depicted three times on the cover of the 1967 Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

25. In 1965, which leading US poet was deported from Cuba for referring to Che Guevara as "cute"?



1.Australia. (Mt Kosciuszko). 2.Relative humidity. 3.Richard Nixon. 4.Sicily. 5.US Open. 6.Mulga Bill. 7.New South Wales. 8.WannaCry. 9.Don McLean. 10.Peter Senior. 11.Wendell Sailor. 12.Mecca. 13.Gibraltar pound. 14.(a)Australian. 15.Adelaide. 16.James Comey. 17.Jana Wendt. 18.True Love. 19.Snatched. 20.Hugh Bowman. 21.Uma Thurman. 22.Ivana Zelnickova. 23.It was built in a city street. 24.Shirley Temple. 25.Allen Ginsberg.

GROUP 2: Crucial clash a see-sawing affair at South Grafton

GROUP 2: Crucial clash a see-sawing affair at South Grafton

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