Dwelling approvals have increased by 5% within a year.
Dwelling approvals have increased by 5% within a year. Trevor Veale

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Excitment for Jetty Foreshores completion

"Congratulations on a job well done to all involved! Looking forward to seeing it next weekend.” - Ann Eva Cooling

"Well done looks great, can't wait to be back down at our amazing Jetty area every arvo.” - Kirby Burton

"The bottom step is underwater at high tide.” - Sue Wetherell Foote

Dwelling approvals on the ride in Coffs

And when will there be facilities approved to support such a population. If they know it's growing so fast, then why are they dawdling on improving infrastructure to support said population growth. Growth is good but will make things worse if there aren't jobs, transport and facilities to accommodate - Callam McClung

There is no flat land available in Coffs so whether or not housing is needed there will not be the availability - Karen Lagalla

Hogan unsure after Joyce ruling

Wearing the bruises and the damage of hailstorm

It was totally devastating (in 2013) the amount of damaged cars here. I worked part-time for a towing company at the time and the amount of cars written off was dreadful. We could hear the hail rolling in from Toormina from town - Cathy McRae

Plenty of warnings given yesterday regarding hail. From as early as midday we were being told to put our cars under cover - Jenny Ellem

Gaytime, Magnum ban for summer

I won't boycott, I'm sorry. It sure is a massive pay cut by percentage but getting paid $40.18 an hour for making ice cream also seems a very generous rate in the scheme of things - Di Carr

I don't believe the general public boycotting these ice creams is the answer. All that will do is let the retailers down. It's the middle man that needs to boycott, not us - Ruth Godfrey

Adventure park to open next week

Adventure park to open next week

TreeTop Adventure Park officially opens in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs engineer helps to save lives in Bangladesh

Coffs engineer helps to save lives in Bangladesh

This is one of the more challenging missions I have experienced

Cost of living budget 'laughable'

Cost of living budget 'laughable'

Luke Foley said cost of living budget measure is laughable.

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