MPs plan to bring case for medical cannabis to parliament

THE plan hatched to bring medical cannabis to Queensland has unearthed a groundswell of support which continues to grow.

The Daily understands State Member for Buderim Steve Dickson will this week lobby for a moratorium enabling doctors, nurses, ambulance officers and other medical professionals to come forward and present case studies to the Queensland Health Chief Health Officer.

Mr Dickson recently backed a push to explore the use of cannabis oil to treat medical conditions, while also sponsoring a petition requesting the State Government to allow all Queenslanders with medical conditions who could benefit from the treatment, access to Australian-made, whole-plant cannabis therapies.

"Clearly this is about getting a whole-plant extract which is cannabis oil," he said.

"There are a lot of people out there that feel that this is a potential cure or (could) at least give them some sort of quality of life as a pain relief."

Mr Dickson said he wants the doors opened for medical professionals, sufferers and cannabis therapy users to present their cases for assessment by the CHO and the State Parliament, to enable better understanding of what was at stake.

"I honestly believe that we need to be bi-partisan and all MPs need to investigate heir own electorates," he said.

He said he wanted those who had been using cannabis oil long-term to also come forward and tell their stories, as they held crucial, first-hand experience of the pros and cons of cannabis oil therapy, valuable information for those who will be responsible for any changes to the law freeing up cannabis therapy availability in Queensland in the future.

The principal petitioner pushing the Medicinal Cannabis Amnesty petition is Bec Bridson, herself a health professional and active member of the Medical Cannabis Users Association Australia Inc.

She pointed out that the benefits of kick-starting a legal, medicinal cannabis industry didn't end with just patients.

"It's a multi-billion dollar industry Australia could tap into," she said.

She said Australian soil and conditions were near-perfect for cannabis growth, and if legalised and properly regulated, could also be a windfall for struggling, local farmers.

And it appeared plenty agreed with her, with the petition topping almost 8000 signatures in less than a fortnight.

"If the politicians aren't listening to 8000 Queenslanders perhaps the wrong politicians are in power," she said.

To get on and sign the petition before its November 30 closing date, head to:

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