Kellie Redenbach's father was the truck driver in the Cowper Bus Crash. She came to Cowper for the first time to make peace with her past.Photo Tim Howard / Daily Examiner
Kellie Redenbach's father was the truck driver in the Cowper Bus Crash. She came to Cowper for the first time to make peace with her past.Photo Tim Howard / Daily Examiner Tim Howard

The pain of Cowper endures for many 30 years on

Pain of Cowper endures 30 years on

WHAT a brave young lady, Kellie Rudenbach is - the daughter of the Cowper truck driver.

You do not deserve to live with that guilt and shame.

Thank you for sharing your story and the insights into your life without your dad and under this cloud.

And thank you to the beautiful Angela, who helped release you from your hurt, shame and guilt.

Maybe one day your mum can meet her too.

Live well beautiful girl.

Louise Arthur

Rural Fire Service firefighters on the frontline.
Rural Fire Service firefighters on the frontline.

To the firefighters of the Coffs Coast

AS a strapping young man, I wish I had also possessed your unbelievable attitude, community spirit and selfless personal sacrifice. If so, I would have volunteered.

But, I didn't. You folks are special. Very special. Your individual bravery absolutely blows me away. Thank you.

Graeme Pilley, Coffs Harbour

An artist's impression of how the building will look in Gordon St.
An artist's impression of how the building will look in Gordon St.

Show us the support for the Civic Space

CAN Karen Lagalla and the other supporters of the current proposed Cultural and Civic centre actually provide hard evidence of their deluded perceptions of the community acceptance.

Unlike them the citizens who opposed it have shown their feelings in petitions, DA submissions and council meetings.

I manned the petition desk on three occasions and had less than five people asking if they could sign a petition for the proposed centre.
This issue should not develop into a slanging match if people stick to the hard evidence regarding community sentiment.

Lindsay Townsend

Andrew Fraser chairs the public meeting against the Coffs Harbour Civic and Cultural Space.
Andrew Fraser chairs the public meeting against the Coffs Harbour Civic and Cultural Space. Trevor Veale

It's time to calm your farm Andrew

WITH expressions such as "this council is as rotten as a chop", Andrew Fraser comes across as a punch-drunk survivor of the New South Wales bearpit.

Cool it, Andrew.

With inflammatory language like that, you are damaging the fabric of Coffs Harbour.

Geoffrey Watts


A city name change is necessary

THE letter from Susan Kerridge suggests the good idea of a name change.
I support the idea, but I would like to see this area go to the true original name i.e. Garlambirla.

This is the Aboriginal name and very attractive.

I believe the dawning realisation of the dispossession of harm to the inhabitants of 50,000 years or more needs a major change of heart with true acknowledgement by the Australian people.

A simple thing like a name change is a small step to make.

We already acknowledge that we are on the lands of the Gumbaynggirr people so, I believe, we are ready for the next step.

John Courcier, Coffs Harbour

PIONEER: Captain John Korff.
PIONEER: Captain John Korff.

Government's call on Coffs' Harbour naming

I AM sure by now someone will have corrected the origin of the name Korff..

John Korff was a sailing captain who used to pick up cedar from Coffs Harbour and often sheltered from bad seas behind Muttonbird Island. So, locally the town was named after this man.

Mr George England (local historian) said that the government of the day thought it an ugly name and so it was decided Coffs Harbour much nicer.

Jackie England

City Hill Coffs Harbour.
City Hill Coffs Harbour. Trevor Veale

I'm all in favour of the City Hill option

I WAS driving along Hogbin Drive last week and going past John Paul College, Southern Cross University, then our state-of-the-art sports stadium, Coffs Airport then stopped opposite the Coffs racecourse at the coffe van.

I sat and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and thought what a magic place to have an Arts Centre, Museum and Entertainment Centre, with our neighbours the Bridge Club and also the Bunker Gallery.

What an impression we would create for everybody, young, old and many, many visitors all within proximity of each other not only looking good, but making a major statement.

It would put Coffs Harbour back on the where to live and to visit a priority what a traffic generator for all.

Phyll Taylor, Coffs Harbour


Keep the Thumbs Up coming Coffs

I'D like to make two nominations for Thumbs Up please:

1. To Coffs Harbour City Council for allowing free green waste drop off at the waste management centre last few weekends. It was much needed and appreciated.

2. To the man wearing an MI Organics work shirt, who offered to pay for my fuel when I realised I didn't have my wallet at a service station south of Coffs on Sunday November 8. I'm so grateful, thank you.

Madeleine Flett, Boambee


Why children should be vaccinated

I FEEL incredibly sad for the parents of the 60, or more, children who have died from measles in Samoa.

These deaths were preventable through vaccination. I sincerely hope that anti-vaxers in our region will get the message.

Please get your children vaccinated to protect them and other children from this horrible disease.

John Courcier


Planning for the future

AROUND 30 years ago, with a government grant, Coffs Harbour had the opportunity to erect a very large undercover area at the showground.

This area could have had multiple uses, instead we got the Norm Jordan Pavilion.

We currently have a library, in a good location and council chambers that could be enlarged as was planned.

The purpose of council chambers is functional, not to be grandiose.

The museum now, is in a historic building, (a rarity in Coffs Harbour), on a site with room to expand and have adequate parking for travelers.

An art gallery does not need to be in the town centre, but somewhere it can grow with lifestyle changes, indoor and outdoor space for displays for sculptures etc.

The Cultural and Civic Space money as proposed would be better used on an Entertainment Complex, on a site with multiple roads access for visitor parking, buses, crowd control etc and the possibility of expansion to include many activities.

After all, it is this complex that has the opportunity to generate an income for the city.

City Hill would be suitable. It is not out of town, but allows adequate room for expansion, and many different pursuits.

It also has a pleasant outlook and would be visible to air travellers coming to Coffs Harbour.

Do we want a claustrophobic city of buildings squashed together, no room to grow, no open spaces, inadequate parking and no natural environment visible in town.

What we don't have is a large undercover entertainment area - it would be advantageous to have a facility that could be used all year round.

Alison Latter. North Bonville

















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