THE Lights on the Hill memorial convoy was especially bittersweet for one truck driving family whose patriarch was not in the driving seat this year.

Margaret Dowe led the Toowoomba leg of the convoy in her late husband Trevor's tricked-out ute, a mark of respect for a man who has driven each year since the event's inception.

Mr Dowe died of leukaemia in April last year, but his sons were on-hand to continue his legacy.

Nolan's Transport driver Dean Linde explained the event was all about honouring the fallen, particularly those who have died on the road.

"The main thing is just to remember people that died in truck accidents," he said.

"I think everybody remembers them for what they used to do.

"I don't think we've ever forgotten them."


CB radio calls

There was no shortage of banter blaring through Channel 40 as the Lights on the Hill convoy snaked its way to Gatton.

Here are some of the best calls:

  • This is the only time we ever get a police escort out in front. Usually they're coming from back behind us!
  • Caller 1: Is there a reason you truckies are all being so loud?
        Caller 2: Because we've got hundreds of kids standing on the side of the road wanting us to honk.
  • I think I'd better start watching the road instead of all the people waving at me!
  • Caller 1: That lady loved your truck, mate!
        Caller 2: Must be the driver.
  •  Caller 1: Yeah, she must be blind.
  • Ya skirt's hangin' out ya door.
  • Caller 1: Is there a convoy on today or something?  
        Caller 2: Nah mate, it's the Carnival of Flowers.
  • Caller 1: Have you got your lights on?
      Caller 2: Yeah they're on, but no one's home.

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