Trolley rules derailed by retailers

TWO of Australia's largest retail chains have derailed Mayor Denise Knight's plans to clean-up abandoned shopping trolleys on the Coffs Coast.

Representatives from Coles, Woolworths and IGA met with Cr Knight on Monday to discuss planned rules that would force retailers to install coin-operated trolleys.

The rules were first mooted by Cr Knight last March.

If retailers do not comply, by-laws would be introduced allowing the council to confiscate abandoned trolleys and make them pay to get them back.

While Coles, Woolworths and IGA are supportive of the move, Cr Knight said the absense of representatives from K-Mart and Target at Monday's meeting put the plan in jeopardy.

"K-Mart and Target were no-shows," Cr Knight said.

"We waited 35 minutes for them to arrive and they didn't even email or ring.

"Other retailers won't adopt the plan unless K-mart and Target do so we have to get them all in the room at the same time.

"We've scheduled another meeting and if (K-Mart and Target) don't turn up we'll be taking their trolleys."

It was the second meeting Cr Knight had with Coles and Woolworths and comes after Coles recently introduced coin-operated trolleys in some of their Coffs Coast stores.

Cr Knight said she's extended the deadline to October for retailers to comply.

"They all have to be on board on this," Cr Knight said.

"I understand there will be a cost involved (for retailers) to introduce coin operated trolleys, but at the moment it's costing the community more money and resources to retrieve them."

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