Artist's impression of Big Slurpee and (below) the plans.
Artist's impression of Big Slurpee and (below) the plans.

11-metre Big Slurpee coming to Coffs

MOVE over Big Banana, something even bigger is coming to Coffs Harbour.

The Big Slurpee, an 11-metre-tall and six-metre-wide construction dedicated to convenience store 7-11's famous drink, will be setting up shop at Coffs Harbour Showground this month.

Slurpee brand activation manager, Rebecca Mountstephen, said the Big Slurpee will rival all of Australia's other iconic big attractions, including Coffs Harbour's own international icon The Big Banana.

“Like all Australians over summer, we love a 'big' roadside stop while on road-trips with family and friends,” Ms Mountstephen said.

“With that in mind we thought the biggest way to celebrate the arrival of our 'big' Slurpee cups in stores this summer was to create a larger-than-life-sized Big Slurpee that fans can actually visit in a
typically Australian coastal environment.

“Coffs Harbour is so vibrant and playful in the summertime, making it a standout choice as the perfect Big Slurpee destination.”

A promotional tool it may be, but news of The Big Slurpee's imminent arrival in Coffs Harbour has sparked angry diatribes on a forum.

Natalie Andrews called it 'another tacky attempt to pull (in) tourists'.

“Coffs already has the Big Banana, with at least some relevance to the local area,” Natalie wrote.

“Good onya, Coffs, just another reason why I will not be visiting this area again.”

Daniel Kennedy believes Coffs Harbour should change its name to 'Tackorama', while Brett of Brisbane thinks the whole thing's a joke.

“Believe me I love a slurpee as much as anyone but surely there are better ways to get the tourists in than this,” he wrote.

The Big Slurpee is a non-permanent structure that will be open to visitors at Coffs Harbour Showground from January 13 to March 3.

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