Stella. Rachel Vercoe

The 12 pets of Christmas

WILL one of these adorable faces find happy-ever-after homes this Christmas?

If you've got pets on your mind and are on the search for the next family member, check out the details of these pets up for adoption at the Coffs Harbour RSPCA shelter.

Every year the RSPCA provides shelter to thousands of animals in need of a good home.

All RSPCA animals undertake a health and behaviour assessment and cats and dogs are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated to make sure they are suitable for adoption as companion pets.

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A friendly dog with lots of love to give, Cobba hasn't had a lot of training and has been catching up while in the shelter.

He is one and a half years old and a mastiff-cross Australian cattle dog. Cobba will need an active home with a family who has time to keep up his training and socialising. He is a medium- to high-energy dog.


Cobba. Rachel Vercoe



Stella came into care when she was found as a stray after giving birth to a litter of puppies.

She is a friendly dog and is coming along well with her basic training. Stella is not suited to a household with cats, poultry and pocket pets but is great with other dogs.

She requires a backyard with Colorbond fencing as she has a bit of anxiety when on her own. She is required to go to a home with another dog as she will be much more settled.



This cute guy is only a year old and is a mastiff-cross staffordshire bull terrier. He is ready for his forever home.


Apollo. Rachel Vercoe



This cute one-year-old shar pei cross labrador retriever is a high-energy boy requiring continued training and structured daily exercise. He loves to play with balls, the bigger the better, and is best walked on a harness as his soft palate gets irritated with a collar and causes him to cough.

Nugget came into the shelter with some skin issues, which have now been controlled, but he will require the use of either Bravecto or Nexguard as his flea and tick control.


Nugget. Rachel Vercoe



Friendly and full of love, Caesar is a mastiff cross American staffordshire terrier and ready to become part of an active family. He is two years and two months old.


Caeser. Rachel Vercoe



Lewie is a lovely young male lop ear rabbit. He can get a little shy and flighty if there is a lot of commotion but settles quickly and loves a snuggle. He is $40 and comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed and vet checked.


Lewie. Rachel Vercoe



If you're looking for a cat to rid your house of flying bugs, Rani is the perfect candidate. At one year old, she is not only friendly with people but also loves catching and chasing bugs.


Rani. Rachel Vercoe



If you have some spare time and you're happy to have a cute black and white shadow following you around the house, Alex is the cat for you. He loves company, playing, comforting and treats, of course.

Alex is a one-year-old domestic shorthair.


Alex. Rachel Vercoe


He might not be blue but he's cute, funny and loves to play. Smurf enjoys rearranging his blanket and furniture in his room, climbing and playing with his neighbours.

He is a one-year-old domestic shorthaired cat who loves to be stroked and sit on people's laps.


Smurf. Rachel Vercoe



Jade is looking for a family who will let her sleep on the couch or, even better, on someone's bed. She would be best suited to a home with no other cats and enjoys having her chin scratched and hanging around her humans.

She enjoys playing with ping pong balls, feathers, string and sitting in the sun watching the world go by.


Jade. Rachel Vercoe



George came to the Coffs Harbour RSPCA shelter as a stray. He can be a little unsure at times, especially when there's a lot going on around him. When he is settled he loves a good cuddle.

George needs access to the outdoors in order to be a calm and balanced cat. As a consequence of this, George's new family must be able to provide him with a secure outdoor area or a cat enclosure where he can enjoy the outdoors safely.


George. Rachel Vercoe


Ollie came to the RSPCA as a stray. He can be good with other dogs but sometimes gets annoyed. He would be better suited for a home where he is the only dog.

Like all dogs, Ollie will need consistent training and exercise daily. He loves a good scratch or game of ball.


Ollie. Rachel Vercoe


RSPCA adoption prices

- Rabbits are $40 which includes desexing and vaccination.

- Pups from eight weeks to six months are $370.

- Adult dogs six months to eight years are $320.

- Kittens from eight weeks to six months are $170.

- Cats from six months to eight years are $170.

- Lifetime registration is $28.50.

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