Raceview resident Les Nutley.
Raceview resident Les Nutley. Helen Spelitis

Test results shed light on 'mystery underground river'

TEST results have been returned on water samples taken from a Raceview street, where a mysterious underground river is threatening homes.

The laboratory testing conducted by Queensland Urban Utilities confirmed the water pouring across properties on Palm Avenue is from the town water supply.

QUU spokesperson Michelle Cull said the organisation identified a nearby property with a significant leak in its private plumbing and had contacted the owner to arrange repairs.

"We understand this is a frustrating situation for residents in Palm Avenue and we're doing what we can to assist," Ms Cull said.

"Sampling has shown the flow at Palm Avenue is town water which has travelled through soil, suggesting the source could be a concealed leak."

Resident Les Nutley, who sounded the alarm on the water issue, was sceptical given the regular timing of the water which flows from 4pm every day into the morning, then stops.

The excess water has been flowing since October.

"We're happy its been confirmed as town water and that we've got the results," Mr Nutley said.

"But its hard to believe the water is coming from a nearby house.

"How the owner of this house could not have realised and been given a huge water bill - that's unbelievable."

While QUU conducted an initial investigation, the source was not identified.

Last month, residents on Palm Ave appealed to the State Government for help, writing to Queensland's top politicians, after neither the QUU or Ipswich City Council were able to solve the problem.

Ms Cull said she hoped this latest water testing and idenitification of a house with a leak, would help resolve the problems.

One home owner is already facing a costly repair bill from the water damage that appears to have eroded the concrete slab under her house.

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