Teens stabbed, shot fired in drug deal gone wrong

A DRUG deal at an abandoned Ipswich home ended with two youths being stabbed and a shot gun fired as one of the parties tried to rob the other of $10,000 cash.

One of the teenagers suffered potentially life-threatening stab wounds and was rushed to hospital, as details emerged at Ipswich Children’s Court this week.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren QC and Crown prosecutor Geoffrey Seaholme both commented on the troubling nature of the facts at hand, given that teenagers were able to source such a large amount of cash, and use guns and knives.

In two separate crimes the now 18-year-old male defendant pleaded guilty to committing grievous bodily harm on July 28, 2018 at North Ipswich; and wounding; and in a separate indictment he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to a young male in Bell St Ipswich on July 24, 2019.

Mr Seaholme said the factual circumstances of both violent crimes a year apart were very different.

Mr Seaholme said a group of young males met in a house at Logan in July 2018 and made arrangements to gather $10,000 to buy cannabis.

Contact was made via a messenger service and they were advised to go to a house at North Ipswich at 9pm.

Mr Seaholme said the house was in darkness and one of the victims was led upstairs by a co-offender of the Ipswich teenager.

When the victim pulled out a wad of cash the Ipswich teenager and his mates then tried to steal it.

The victim was grabbed and during a wrestle a knife was pulled and he was stabbed in the abdomen.

More young males with weapons came out of other rooms in the darkened house and another Logan male was hit with a bat, the court heard.

During a violent struggle the accused teenager stabbed a male under his armpit. Mr Seaholme said a gunshot was heard.

Mr Seaholme said a sawn-off shot gun was later found in the car used by the Logan group.

One injured male was driven to Ipswich Hospital. The second more seriously injured male was driven to Princess Alexandra Hospital where he received blood transfusions.

The second violent incident of grievous bodily harm the teenager committed was in a lane off Bell St in July, 2019.

His victim was a young male who he knew from school.

Mr Seaholme said there was a consensual fight initially and the victim suffered a nose bleed from a hard punch.

The defendant told him to go around the corner into an alley to finish off the fight, and the pair exchanged punches before the defendant grabbed the victim by the head with both hands and kneed him in the face.

The court heard the victim slumped to the ground spitting blood.

After being taken to Ipswich Hospital for medical care, the injured youth received a text from his attacker saying ‘same time tomorrow’.

Mr Seaholme said the violence at the house was very disturbing and, “a sad indictment on some youth”.

Judge Horneman-Wren agreed, saying the facts were, “frightening. Just unbelievable”.

Defence barrister Penny White said the co-accused in the offences at North Ipswich was aged 17 months older and charged with doing a malicious act with intent. He was sentenced to a 2 ½ year detention order.

Judge Horneman-Wren said the defendant caused horrendous injuries to one of the victims.

When told that the accused had not seen photos of the injures he did to the male’s face, Judge Horneman-Wren ordered that he view them in the dock, saying to him “it is pretty confronting, you literally smashed his face in”.

“The wounds you inflicted (with the knife) you must accept you were lucky you didn’t kill him,” he said.

“It is extremely fortunate.”

Judge Horneman-Wren sentenced him to a 12-month detention order, immediately suspended with a conditional release order.

The teen was also sentenced to a two-year probation order, with no conviction recorded.

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