Teens busted for having sex on beach while crowd cheered

FOUR teenagers were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct on Tuesday after three of them allegedly had sex on a beach in Cape Cod while the fourth teen did not leave the area when police told him to.

The teenagers have been identified as Molly Hines, 19, Lukas Kaminski, 19, Stephen Cerrone, 18, and Julianna Murphy, 18, according to Cape Cod Times.

Kaminski was arrested for not leaving the area although officers told him to.

The four teenagers "will not be arraigned for at least six months," Judge Robert Welsh III said on Wednesday. He agreed to delay the arraignments while the four attend a program for first-time offenders.

An unidentified 17-year-old male, who was reportedly in the water with the three others, is slated to appear in juvenile court on Monday.

Dennis police said one of their officers, Detective Matthew Turner, was patrolling the Mayflower Beach when four people "acting inappropriately in the water" were discovered according to NBC Connecticut. A beachgoer told Turner that a few people were having sex.

When Turner arrived at the scene, a crowd was surrounding the four teenagers. The teens were "embraced with one another" while some were looking on in astonishment, he wrote in a police report.

"I could not observe exactly what was going on, however both couple(s) were extremely closely embraced," Turner wrote, according to Cape Cod Times. "Each embraced couple were at a minimum kissing and stumbling about in the waves."

Turner also wrote that a few people in the water were cheering the couples on. Turner said he smelled alcohol and believes the teenagers may have been drinking at the time.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post.

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