King hit teen spits on, squirrel grips police officer

EXCLUSIVE: A teenager who spat in a policeman's face during an altercation at a Toowoomba party has been jailed.

Gregoire Nimpirangeza, 19, was drunk and agitated after being "king hit" at a Neil St party in the early hours of November 22, last year, when police arrived to quell a disturbance.

Asked his name, the teen swore at police and was arrested, Toowoomba District Court heard.

A struggle ensued between Nimpirangeza and the two policemen during which the teen spat into the face of a constable, Crown prosecutor Noel Needham told the court.

The spittle struck the officer's eyes, neck and mouth and when he complained that the teen had spat on him, Nimpirangeza replied "Yes, I did", Mr Needham said.

The constable then struck the teenager who retaliated by grabbing and squeezing the officer's testicles before pinching the policeman's inner thigh near his groin, the court heard.

Nimpirangeza pleaded guilty to three counts of serious assault.

His barrister Robbie Davies told the court his client was originally from Burundi and had endured a difficult upbringing having lived with his family in a Tanzanian refugee camp before moving to Toowoomba in 2010.

His client was just 18 at the time of the incident and was a first time offender, Mr Davies submitted.

Judge David Andrews SC said he accepted Nimpirangeza had been assaulted in the lead-up to the incident and had also been struck by the officer during the struggle.

However, noting the seriousness of the incident, Judge Andrews sentenced the teenager to six months in jail but ordered he be released on parole after having served two months.



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