Letter to the Editor - April 27: Tax reform a major matter

THERE has been a lot of speculation and ideas floated about regarding tax reform over the past few months, however many of the ideas are going to hurt the economy or do very little.

Increasing the Goods and Services Tax will most likely lead to less spending from consumers and like the austerity measures in Europe lead to the economy shrinking.

A tax cut for big businesses only is based on the limited ideology of the "trickle down effect" and certainly does not impact the large unemployment issues in regional Australia, struggling small businesses or address the overcrowding of our cities.

I challenge the local politicians of all persuasions and the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce to represent small and large business interests and the people of this region by promoting incentive based tax cuts for businesses supporting and investing in areas like Coffs Harbour.

Of course Australians workers would need to be prioritised and businesses would not be rewarded for bringing in foreign workers, however tax incentives for growing investment and opportunities in regional hubs will have a massive positive impact for regional areas and for cities.

I will be promoting this idea through the Greens, who have already shown vision and leadership in tax reform by highlighting the need to remove superannuation and trusts loopholes, corporate tax havens and negative gearing, however, we need everyone on board for this type of regional focused tax reform to work.

Australia needs to promote and create opportunities in regional areas, with many suffering from a range of socio-economic problems.

High unemployment in regional areas needs to be addressed as a priority, with limited money in regional communities businesses are crying out for some political leadership.

Now is the time to implement a targeted tax reform to benefit businesses helping to retain or boost job opportunities in regional Australia.

Craig Christie

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