Tasty, local, and organic food

SINCE opening in September 2004, Bellingen-based organic grocery store, Kombu Wholefoods, has been working hard to get the tastiest and freshest local organic food onto their shelves.

Focusing increasingly on locally produced food is something that has been a long-term vision of Kombu Wholefoods partners Kevin and Lowanna Doye.

“Before we set up Kombu, we developed a Mission Statement to guide us through the development of the store,” Kevin said. “It states, 'Where possible we will source regional produce because it is fresher, more affordable, supports the local community and is more sustainable for the environment'.

“It is great that we are now at the point where we can look beyond the almost 50 per cent of local produce that filled the shelves at times during the summer and work with the dedicated local growers in this area to head towards an even higher ratio in this coming growing year.

“Getting the food onto the shelves as quickly as we can - sometimes only an hour or two after it has been picked - means that the food is still buzzing with taste and goodness.”

The focus on tasty local foods has been an ongoing hit with customers, with sales increasing every month since the store opened. The rapidly increasing price of oil last year also highlighted some of the financial advantages of locally produced organic produce. It has travelled considerably less distance and significantly less petrochemicals have been used in the production process.

“This means a much better price for consumers in store,” Kevin said.

There are other benefits as well, such as money remaining in the local area where it can be spent time and again.

Kombu Wholefoods can be found at the top end of Bellingen, (105 Hyde Street) opposite the war memorial.

The store is open Monday to Saturday. More information is available on the website, www.kombu.com.au

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