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1. The 2016 Global Peace Index listed which country as the most peaceful (a) Australia (b) Iceland (c) Syria?


2. The Australian seafood term "flake" refers to (a) octopus (b) prawns (c) shark?


3. Name the colours of the squares on a chess board.


4. Which grand slam tennis tournament is currently being played?


5. "No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly," said which US politician recently?


6. Brian Hugh Warner is better known by which stage name?


7. The king of which country was recently revealed to have been living a secret double life as a commercial pilot for KLM for the last 21 years?


8. Moon Jae-in was recently elected president of which Asian country?


9. English Premier League team Liverpool beat which A-League team 3-0 in Sydney recently?


10. Which highway passes through Albury, Yass and Goulburn?


11. Trailing 14-0 with 16 minutes left, which team recently beat the North Queensland Cowboys 18-14?


12. The Roman numerals MMCDVIII represent which number?


13. Which Queensland island was so named by Captain James Cook because of the apparent effect it had on his ship's compass?


14. The Sony Walkman audio cassette player was released in (a) 1969 (b) 1979 (c) 1989?


15. Which city hosted the 2016-17 Sheffield Shield final (a) Alice Springs (b) Perth (c) Sydney?


16. Eminem recently sued the National Party of which country over music used in a 2014 campaign advertisement?


17. Which Greek philosopher first referred to the island of Atlantis 2500 years ago?


18. Which Queensland senator recently became the first to breastfeed in federal parliament?


19. Which Australian Rio Olympics swimming gold medallist recently underwent heart surgery?


20. Which recent movie told of a 2001 highly contentious sexual abuse court case involving a 12-year-old Queensland schoolgirl?


21. "All I have I would have given gladly not to be standing here today," said which US president soon after being sworn in?


22. Bada Bing! was a strip club featured in which TV show?


23. The name of which European city means "salt fortress"?


24. Apart from Queen Elizabeth II, who was the only woman depicted on Australia's first series of paper decimal currency banknotes?


25. Which "year" hit song was released by the Smashing Pumpkins in 1996?



1. Iceland, 2. Shark, 3. Black and White, 4. US Open, 5. Donald Trump, 6. Marilyn Manson, 7. Netherlands (King Willem-Alexander, 8. South Korea, 9. Sydney FC, 10. Hume Highway, 11. Cronulla Sharks, 12. 2408, 13. Magnetic island, 14. 1979, 15. Alice Springs, 16. New Zealand, 17. Plato, 18. Larissa Waters, 19. Kyle Chalmers, 20. Don't Tell, 21. Lyndon Johnson, 22. The Sopranos, 23. Salzburg, 24. Caroline Chisholm, 25. 1979.  

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