Patricia Roser from the Coffs Garden Club.
Patricia Roser from the Coffs Garden Club. Rachel Vercoe

Take care when watering during dry spell

WITH scorching temperatures and the dry spell continuing, it's important to be reminded of the water conservation measures in place.

In 2004, permanent water conservation measures were put in place in the Coffs Harbour Local Government area with a new policy added in 2015 allowing an extra hour for use of sprinklers on the garden in the morning.

"We need more water, those of use lucky enough to be on town water have access to some but for those without access to any water, it can be quite difficult,” president of the Coffs Garden Club Suzanne Young said.

"My advice to gardeners would be to use plenty of mulch and water sparingly at the right time, not during the middle of the day.

Key points of the permanent water conservation measures in Coffs Harbour LGA are:

- Sprinklers and fixed/unattended hoses are banned between 9am and 4pm.

- Garden/lawn watering with a hand held hose is permitted at any time.

- Building maintenance, including window cleaning, allowed with trigger nozzle hoses or pressure cleaners only.

- Hosing any handstand area such as a driveway is banned except for health and safety reasons or with pressure cleaners.

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