Swine flu suspected

THREE suspected cases of swine flu have emerged on the North Coast.

They are among 77 suspected cases being tested throughout Australia.

North Coast Area Health Service Public Health director Paul Corben said our region was at the same risk from human swine flu as the rest of the nation.

“We're well prepared and using this situation to refine our plans and test our processes,” Mr Corben said.

“NCAHS Public Health staff are working very hard and have increased surveillance, enhanced infection control, replenished infection control stocks and antivirals and kept emergency departments and GPs aware of significant changes in the situation.”

Mr Corben said people returning from Mexico, the US or Canada should contact their local GP or call their local hospital emergency department if they developed symptoms.

“Swine flu symptoms are similar to normal influenza - fever, cough, tiredness, muscle aches, sore throat, runny nose, headache,” he said.

“Like a normal cold or flu, symptoms generally appear between two to four days after exposure.”

  • A TOTAL of 179 people have now been tested in NSW for swine flu, but there are still no confirmed cases.

NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant says 102 of those tested have already been cleared.

Dr Chant urged people who have recently travelled abroad to remain alert to any symptoms.

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