Surfing at First Point.
Surfing at First Point. Picasa

Swell time tomorrow but best get in quick

SURFERS were greeted with clean offshore waves on Christmas morning.

All along our coast the clean waves and warm water had many a board rider out early testing their recently unwrapped surfboard.

We are experiencing an unseasonal northerly air flow at the moment.

This will continue into next week. Tomorrow there will be a spike in the swell. It will favour the lefts. If you've found a good bank recently then keep surfing it.

On Sunday we will see the swell back off as the winds lighten.

As with last week the sea breeze will come in early, so dawn patrols will be the go.

The rest of the week will be a repeat of the last few days. Maybe a little prayer to Huey for some cyclone activity wouldn't go astray.

As we head into the new year we will no doubt be making a few rash resolutions for 2018. Set some realistic goals for your surfing. Get a new board, book a surf trip or even take some lessons over the summer to improve.

Fitness is on the minds of most people this time of year especially after the amount of food we consumed over the last few days.

Go talk to a personal trainer, preferably one who surfs, and develop a program to improve your surf fitness.

Enrolling in a yoga class will do wonders for surfing and long term you will reap the benefits.

If you're still looking for that new board for the summer, now's the time.

Some of the local surf shops have some crazy low prices on new boards. Such as DHDs from $750 and Superbrand Twinnies at $650. Grab a deal and go surfing.

The summer season is full on this week so be aware of other surfers around you and share some waves and the Aloha stoke.

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