Avon and Sue Best's stall at the Toowoomba Swap Meet.
Avon and Sue Best's stall at the Toowoomba Swap Meet. Sophie Benjamin

Swap Meet is a collector's dream

EVERYTHING from motorbikes to antique dolls is up for sale at the annual Toowoomba Swap Meet.

More than 20,000 people from all over Australia are set to go through the gates, looking for bargains and rarities over the site's 2000 stalls.

Brisbane antique dealers Sue and Avon Best said the Toowoomba swap meet is one they make a special effort to attend.

"We don't travel too much, but the Toowoomba meet is always a good one," said Mr Best.

Their stall in the Clive Berghofer Pavillion boasts vintage toys, old crystal and china, battered tin soft drink ads and much more. Most of their stock comes from deceased estate auctions.

Mrs Best said that while online auction sites have affected their business, demand for "old things" is still strong.

"I think there's a big demand for people wanting this kind of stuff," she said.

"Fashions come and go, but the demand is always there."

On the other side of the pavillion, Tim Crawshaw is selling off part of his collection of old car brochures.

He's collected them since he was a boy and travels around the country every year selling the items that haven't made it into his core collection.

"I've always liked cars and when I was a little kid I decided I'd get brochures of all the cars I'd like to buy," Mr Crawshaw said.

Having scoured the world for rare items, Mr Crawshaw's collection is now thousands deep.

The Sydney accountant acknowledges his hobby runs at a loss, but the enjoyment he gets from it is compensation enough.

"I get all sorts of people from all walks of life coming through and I look forward to the Toowoomba meet," he said.

"I come here every year. It's a big meet that's good for the town."

  • The Toowoomba Swap meet is held at the show grounds on Friday February 4th and Saturday February 5th.

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