Brazen shoplifter forgets about security cameras

BRAZEN, materialistic and caught in the act on camera. 

A young woman forgot to look for security cameras as she pockets a pair of designer sunglasses from a Coffs Harbour retailer.

Posted on social media, the clip shows the woman blatantly lift a pair of $60 sunnies from a display as another woman is served by the store attendant.

But the incident happens in full view of the store's cameras and has since been referred to Coffs Harbour police for follow-up. 

The bane of every local retailer shoplifting is a growing concern for customers, as the cost of lost product is added to price tags.    

The latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research figures show there were 754 reported steal from retail store cases on the Mid North Coast last year.

Local crime statistics show 218 of those offences happened in Coffs Harbour. 

Police say often retailers fail to report shoplifting incidents or might not be made aware of missing stock until they do stock takes. 

Mid North Coast police last month had success in a 72-hour school holiday blitz where plain clothes police and loss prevention officers nabbed 15 shoplifters. 

Police said the offenders were aged between 22 and 62-years of age. 

Most were issued $300 criminal infringement notices for stealing, while others were summonsed to appear in court.

"Hopefully, the 15 people who were caught stealing might think twice about who is watching them before they again try to take something from a store without paying for it," Mid North Coast Duty Officer, Chief Inspector Shane Cribb said. 

"Ultimately, it's the consumer who bears the cost of retail theft and we will continue to work with retailers to stamp out such offences."

If you have information about a shoplifting offence call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or leave the details on the reporting page by clicking here.

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