Suspected bikie flees from collision with car

POLICE are searching for the rider of a Harley Davidson motorcycle after it struck a Holden Commodore at the intersection of Boultwood and Phillip Sts about 7.30pm last night.  

The rider fled on foot from the collision, which caused significant damage to the Commodore and tore the front wheel and forks from the motorcycle.  

Police followed a trail of blood left by the rider, who is believed by police to be connected to the Lone Wolf outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG), to a unit block in Boultwood St but were unable to locate him.

Witnesses said immediately following the crash, the rider pushed his damaged bike to the side of the road and checked to see if the Commodore driver was injured, before saying he "had to go see a friend" and walking away from the scene.

One witness to the accident said the rider is a Lone Wolf OMCG member known for "hooning" in the area.

The rider is believed to have been wearing shorts, thongs and no helmet at the time of the crash.

Police said the rider was neither the registered owner of the bike or the person who had custody of it at the time.

A Lone Wolf OMCG member who later appeared at the scene said he was borrowing the bike from its registered owner and claims he had left the bike on the street with the keys in it.

The two men linked to the bike could be charged if they do not name the rider.

Police said as part of their investigation, they are checking the hospital and local medical centres to see if the rider presented with injuries.  

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use their online reporting page.  

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