Comp off to a sunny start

THE first round of the Saturday morning junior tennis competition for the year was played last week.

Thank heavens the weather was kind as there was almost double the number of players from last season, so it was important for the comp to get off to a good start.

In division one both games had very clear-cut winners.

James Brown and Christie Haisman won their match 31 games to 9 without losing a set.

James won his singles 8-0 and 6-2 and combined with Christie for an 8-0 doubles win. This was a great start to his year.

Conlan Brehaut and Jake Howe were just as convincing in the other match. Conlan was a standout, winning all three sets.

He won his singles 8-0 and 6-2 and combined with Jake for a 6-2 doubles win. They won 28-12.

Division three was much more competitive.

Natalie Purton showed she will be a force in this division this term with a clean sweep on Saturday. Natalie and Noah Ross had a great game with Noah being the aggressor and Natalie defending very well.

Due to the fact Natalie made fewer errors and used the court a little better, she finished on top this time 5-3, but the result could have gone either way. Natalie won her other singles convincingly 7-1 and then won a doubles with Caitlyn Beverly 6-2. These three sets helped her team to a 27-13 win.

The other match was a nail-biter.

The first two singles Daniel Wilson and Liam Maybank played Isaac Govan and Dominic Sloviero were both extremely even.

The boys were battling it out with long rallies and a close match was evident. Both sets were 4-all, which set the scene for the morning.

The next two sets saw Domenic win a set 5-3 for his team and then Isaac won his singles for the other team by same score. All square with doubles to go.

At the end of the day the teams could not be split and a 20-all result was a fair finish.

Both matches in division four were also very well contested.

Lilly Pade got her team off to a handy lead with a 7-1 singles win. After that set the match was very close.

Lilly played Gerard Purton and had a real tussle.

Both players had a great time and hit some good forehands and backhands.

In the end they could not be split at 4-all, which left Lilly and Lilly Hemer still up by six games.

In the last set Gerard had to win his singles 7-1 to force a draw.

He went out and played mistake-free tennis to give himself a real shot at pulling it off. He won 6-2 and just missed, but should be very happy with his tennis.

In the other match two new players to the comp, Couper Scott and Ranul Narangoda, teamed up and gave a good account of themselves.

Couper won both his singles 6-2 and Ranul had a 7-1 win and a 4-all to cap a great first go at comp. Both boys kept the ball in play well and ended up with a 26-14 win.

Division five was all juniors who were new to competition tennis and saw all the players very evenly matched. Shanelle Simmons and Kodi Graham played Kayla Simmons and Christian Slaviero.

Sisters, Shanelle and Kayla played each other and kept things very friendly with a 4-all result.

Christian proved the difference in the match with a win by the barest of margins in both his singles, 5-3.

Due to the closeness of the match these two sets were enough to give his team a narrow 21-19 win.

The other match was just as close.

Matthew Lang and Ryan Akers played Luke Mackay and Angus Croak.

Luke got his team off to a good start with a 6-2 win by just keeping the ball in the court with good sensible shots.

Matthew and Ryan fought back in the next two singles each winning a hard-fought 5-3 to bring the match back to all even with two singles to go.

Luke showed he is going to be a force in his first competition with another 6-2 singles win. This gave his team a 22-18 win.

All eight players should be congratulated on their first games and the effort they showed and the fun they had.

Let’s all hope for a let up from the rain this term and more time on court.

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