Strip club dare proves expensive for drunken man

THERE'S a few things you can't do in a strip club and, as Leslie James Withers learned, that includes stealing bottles of liquor from behind the bar.

The Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard Withers had been with a group of mates at the Vault on Ruthven on June 2.

Taking on a dare from his group, Withers had gone to the bar and ordered a round of drinks and waited for the bar tender to walk away before dashing behind the counter and lifting some bottles of alcohol.

Internal CCTV cameras recorded Withers doing it three times, each time taking a whole bottle of liquor to the value of $128.97, Sergeant Tim Hutton told the court.

It wasn't until after closing time when staff were counting the bottles that the missing spirits were noticed.

Reviewing CCTV footage and matching Withers to the mandatory ID scan at the club's entry, he was identified and police called.

Officers spoke with Withers on June 22 about the incident at which point he admitted to taking the bottles on a dare from one of his friends.

Solicitor Phil Stainton said his client had been highly intoxicated at the time and "accepts it was a stupid thing" to do.

Mr Stainton said Withers, 29, hadn't drunk the stolen liquor and was apologetic for his actions, but gave it to his friends.

He said Withers had minimal criminal history.

Withers pleaded guilty to the single charge of stealing.

Magistrate Graham Lee said he accepted the facts and that Withers had been drunk at the time, adding it had been a "very expensive dare".

Withers was fined $500 and ordered to pay full restitution. The conviction was recorded.

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