Editorial - June 20: Statistics on ICE use frightening

IF YOU think your life isn't affected by ICE think again.

The latest figures from the National Drug Survey suggest 2% of Australians use methamphetamine.

Put simply, if you're in a room with 49 other people, chances are one of those people is an ICE user.

And don't for a moment think that the scourge of this destructive drug is a metropolitan issue.

The problem is right here on our doorstep in Coffs Harbour.

The increase in the number of local drug related arrests over the past two years is evidence of that. The question is what are we as going to do about it?

The Prime Minister launching a national task force to help tackle the growing crystal methamphetamine issue is a good start while it's obvious police from the Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command are doing all they can.

Yet even the Boys and Girls in Blue admit they need our help to smash the local drug trade.

This is a growing and deadly drug that is destroying lives and as a parent myself, I worry about how present the danger my children face just might be.

What we can do is pass on any information we have to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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