State league teams are shaping up well

The Chronicle

STATE league coaches Herb Haddon and Ray Tomlinson are pleased with the way the State league teams are practising and both hold high expectations for the teams in the 2009 competition.

Tomlinson has recruited well for the men's team with new players from Port Macquarie, Adelaide and Nigeria joining the squad over the past couple of weeks. All six foot seven inches of Jake Wittleton is on its way home from Europe and will join the squad in the next couple of weeks while former Coffs player Mitchell Cole has expressed a desire to join the squad.

Tomlinson called Cole many times last week but was not able to talk with him.

Dynamic 3-man Gus McKay has also expressed an interest in helping the team this season, but has not been spied at practise yet.

Junior player Chris Tonks who is holding his own with the 'big boys' of State league last week said: “I have learnt so much over the past couple of weeks from Ray, it is just amazing what he can teach and what he is showing us”.

Former Newcastle junior representative player Erin Lowe has moved to Coffs with her job and has joined the women's squad.

Former junior Jess Bailey will join sister Crystal for the first time in their representative playing careers while the mercurial Boonie Kuchel is fit and ready to take on the 2009 season.