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Spreading word of silent killer

AS LOCAL couple Bob and Gayle Tarry know sadly all too well, brain cancer is one of the most fatal, and least studied of all cancers.

According to the Cancer Council, Cancer Institute, Grey Matters Committee and Cure for Life, approximately 1200 people die of brain cancer every year in Australia.

Brain Cancer Week aims to raise funds for much needed research projects to help identify people at risk; provide optimum treatment options; and help the development of new therapies and procedures that will extend the life of brain cancer patients.

For Bob Tarry, father of brain cancer victim Justeen, the disease is something you're oblivious to until it affects your or your family.

Justeen passed away in January 2010 following five months of intensive treatment for Grade 4 Glioblastoma.

"She went in to hospital on Christmas Day 2009 and never returned," Bob said.

"She had never smoked or drank and led a very healthy lifestyle."

Following Justeen's death, Bob and his wife Gaye were instrumental in raising over $44,000 for brain cancer research.

"If you have a serious headache, don't overlook the symptoms but have it checked out," Bob said.

"Coffs Plumbing Supplies are donating $100 to Brain Cancer Action Week and are asking other business to match or beat it," he said.

C.ex Coffs are also chipping in to do their bit for Brain Cancer Week, by hosting donations at their Seafood Carvery Buffet at 6pm on Saturday, May 12.

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