Speed humps rattle shoppers

SOMETHING had to be done to slow down skateboarders and scooter riders using Woolgoolga Plaza as a race track.

But the new speed humps leading to Woolgoolga Plaza car park have caught patrons off guard.

Woolgoolga Plaza owner Bob Watson had become concerned about the safety of shoppers as skaters and scooter riders rip through the centre.

He said the Plaza had become an unofficial skate path as kids leave the skate park, head down Beach St, up the car park driveway, behind the Plaza, through the Woolgoolga Jewellery entry, around the seats, down the Amcal Chemist exit, then zoom out across the pedestrian crossing back onto the main street.

In an effort to slow the kids down, Mr Watson installed two lots of triple-layered speed humps to replace the familiar singular hump.

"If you go slow and take 10 seconds and not two seconds there is no problems with these speed humps. There will be more measures coming to rectify this issue," Mr Watson said.

The aim of the new humps was to catch the wheels of the skateboards and scooters so that the kids lose their speed before they enter the Plaza - but they have also rattled shoppers as they turned into the off-street parking.

Resident Jo Clarke said the humps were so outrageous that she laughed when she drove over them for the first time.

"I can see the point behind it but I don't think they were made right," she said.

"It really felt like the car had lost a tyre somewhere."

Local resident Chris Greenfield, who has a back injury, is not laughing. He said the six speed bumps were unnecessary and dangerous.

"They're in very close proximity and are extremely steep and high," Mr Greenfield said.

"I have a spinal injury and my car shook so much when I went over them it really hurt my back - it really made me furious.

"Being a mechanic I've seen the damage speed bumps do - they can tear the front end out of your car."

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