Mobile speed cameras hit Coffs

New mobile speed cameras will sting motorists at eight Pacific Highway black spots on the Coffs Coast.
New mobile speed cameras will sting motorists at eight Pacific Highway black spots on the Coffs Coast.

MOTORISTS need to be aware of their rights and risks now mobile speed cameras have hit the roads and are monitoring Pacific Highway traffic.

Forty of the roadside cameras will patrol blackspot areas in NSW, including eight Pacific Highway locations on the Coffs Coast.

While the Roads and Traffic Authority maintains the cameras are here to save lives, they will also generate plenty of cash for the State coffers.

Private companies contracted by the RTA will operate their cameras for around 12,000 hours every month, filming night and day and changing locations.

This will see speeding fine revenue almost double to $570 million in 2011-12, NSW Budget papers have revealed.

A legal specialist, watching from the passenger seat as new mobile speed camera laws are introduced, said drivers should be worried.

Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Peter Proctor said it is unknown what speed threshold will be set for prosecution.

“The cameras are accurate to plus or minus two per cent, which means that you could receive a ticket in the mail for a speed infraction at just a little over the speed limit,” Mr Proctor said.

He said the State Government is keen to test its method of slowing down motorists just by letting them know they are being watched.

The speed camera vans record video through roof-mounted CCTV cameras.

Their bi-directional radars can span six lanes of traffic. The RTA says the cameras will cut the road toll.

“Last year 207 people were killed in speed-related crashes on NSW roads, which is almost half of all people who died on the State’s roads in 2009.”

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