Speculation of high-rise development on Jetty Foreshores

Rumours circulating over private Jetty Foreshores development

I REFER to a letter written by Garth McGilvray that appeared online on Friday, March, 31.

Indeed the rumours are circulating thick and fast and, while often unreliable, one rumour links one of our pollies with the deal to grossly overdevelop the jetty foreshores.

I agree with Mr McGilvray's assertion in general, however, he has made one mistake.

The current LEP allows for development up to 15.5 metres high, e.g. Pandanus, and this means developers may get approval to build to six storeys.

One application, currently under assessment, is the re-development of 31 Camperdown St with the developer proposing six storeys on a 750 square metre site.

A massive stretch of the DA assessment tools. If this goes through it will be open slather.

Further, we know that our council is risk averse when it comes to The Land and Environment Court and that these actions eat up our community's funds.

It seems the situation is tailor made for Council to approve outrageous developments and that the community's hands are tied. Class action, in this case, would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

It is clear that the future development of Coffs Harbour must be creative, innovative and designed with community and visitor amenity in mind.

Unless, of course, you see the Gold Coast as an example we should follow.

Where are our creative and innovative leaders? Why do we always seem to get stuck with self-interested rubber stampers in control? Why do the values and interests of one or two people in Council hold sway over the many?

Peter O'Brien, Coffs Harbour


Will there be privatised high rise development on the Jetty Foreshores?
Will there be privatised high rise development on the Jetty Foreshores?

Bye bye Jetty, hello Gold Coast?

A NUMBER of concerned Jetty residents have met recently with Andrew Fraser and City Councillors. Unfortunately, both Mr Fraser and the individual councillors have refused to release details to these community members about the intention for the railway land at the Jetty to be sold to developers, and the plans to build Gold Coast style high rise units along the Jordan Esplanade Jetty strip.

We need elected representatives who disclose information, not representatives who hide information from their constituents.

Wilson McOrist, Bonville


Pharmacists are now administering influenza vaccines.
Pharmacists are now administering influenza vaccines. Warren Lynam

Medicos losing control of flu vaccination?

VACCINATIONS for flu are being done by pharmacists, GPs and their nurses.

The medical profession is generally loath to relinquish control of profitable health programs.

It argues that only medically trained people should do this or that procedure.

So why is it letting pharmacists in 'on the act'? It goes like this.

When a patient goes to a medical clinic for a flu vaccination it is the nurses who do the vaccinations, rarely the GPs.

They earn more from consultations than vaccinations.

It's fine for nurses to vaccinate but it destroys the argument that only medically trained people should do medical procedures.

So they haven't stood in the way of pharmacists doing flu vaccinations.

Dr Michael Blockey, Scotts Head


Once again bulky goods pick-ups have got the people of Coffs Harbour talking.
Once again bulky goods pick-ups have got the people of Coffs Harbour talking. Rob Wright

Bulky goods pick-up is an eyesore

I'M addressing this letter to you Mayor Denise Knight.

Have you had a drive around Park Beach lately as you would have noticed the amount of rubbish that is growing by the night for Monday, April 3's Council rubbish collection.

The local children seem to find fun in dragging it all over the roads then leaving it where ever when they have finished. So this is what is happening with the rate money we are paying?

Seriously this area looks like something from a Third World Country.

How about sending the rangers around way before the dates of these clean ups and fine people for leaving garbage out way way before the date.

Come and have a look at the park in Prince Street, it's a tip.

Hopefully all the overseas visitors you're trying to entice to holiday here won't have the pleasure of seeing this eyesore.

Lynn Sleeman, Coffs Harbour


South Sudan is now Africa's largest migrant crisis as more than 3 million people have either fled the country or become internally displaced, according to the UN.
South Sudan is now Africa's largest migrant crisis as more than 3 million people have either fled the country or become internally displaced, according to the UN. AP Photo

Aussies cannot ignore South Sudan's famine

RIGHT now 26 million people in East Africa are at risk of starvation.

This is the equivalent of every woman, child and man in Australia regularly going hungry.

Famine is very serious. It is only declared when four out of every 10,000 children die each day and one in three people are so malnourished they are too weak to go to school or work.  

If famine were declared in Australia, 1700 children would die from starvation every single day.

This is a crisis that cannot be ignored. Over time, we've become almost immune to hearing about food in Africa. It's easy to scroll by images of hardship in your Facebook feed to something that makes you smile instead. But this time, we can't scroll past.

If you're old enough to remember the 1984 famine and Live Aid, then you must understand that this is teetering on the edge of chaos on a larger, more profound scale.

Right now, conflict is making it very hard to gain access to the famine declared region in South Sudan, Unity State. But once the door opens, and the TV crews arrive, we will begin to see just how horrific this is. We already have reports of children eating weeds and water lilies to survive.

The good news is that Plan is working in South Sudan, right now, handing out food and protecting girls and women from being abused, doing all we can to keep children at school as food becomes harder to come by and children are forced to forage.

The UN estimates that it requires $4.4 billion is needed to stop famine spreading to other countries in Eastern Africa. Plan International intends to raise $40 million to help do our part.

We can avert this crisis from becoming worse, but the time to act is now.

Go to plan.org.au/give/appeals/south-sudan-famine or call 13 75 26.

Jane Gardner

Plan International Australia


Brelsford Park Stadium demolition

COUNCIL have approved the demolition of the stadium and amenities.

Are they replacing the public toilets?

I think the public should know about this.

Thanks. Michael, Coffs Harbour


The production of blueberries.
The production of blueberries. Tobi Loftus

Horticultural land use requires development consent

HOW disappointing that Cr Sally Townley's motion, to have intensive agriculture subject to the same approvals processes as other land use practices in our area, was not carried at last week's council meeting. 

In our rural res zoning, we need a DA to build a shed of over 50sqm floor area, with at least 5m offset to the nearest boundary. 

Yet blueberry farmers and the like cover acres in ugly, wildlife damaging netting and plastic polytunnels without official approval, often right up to property boundaries.  

We're required to produce a detailed vegetation management plan if clearing to make way for a new home. 

Yet, almost daily it seems huge tracts of precious local forests are bulldozed into piles and burnt to make way for this intensive, chemical-dependant monoculture, with apparently no regard to loss of habitat, biodiversity, visual amenity or impacts of downstream pollution. 

Let's just add exploitation of workers to that list and it seems these farmers are a law unto themselves, answerable to nobody!

I challenge Paul Shoker's ludicrous argument that "none of the Councillors are primary producers...earning 100% of income from primary production" and are therefore unable to make an informed decision on this issue (CCA 25/3/17). 

I'm pretty sure none of our councillors are 100% developer, town planner, koala expert etc, yet they pass judgement on such things regularly, based on information provided by experts and community feedback. 

This is their role and it is no less valid than a farmer's right to farm. 

Still no less valid, is the community's right to demand a healthy environment and clean, sustainable local industry, including agriculture. 

After all, if you're making 100% of your living from the land, surely it's in your best interest to protect it into the future.

Karla Gilles, Emerald Beach.

Big is beautiful for the Clarks

Big is beautiful for the Clarks

The Clark family from Coffs Harbour are on a mission

Local Mac users scammed out of thousands

Local Mac users scammed out of thousands

Local company warns customers have been scammed in past fortnight.

Labour candidate welcomes $4b commitment for jobs in regions

Labour candidate welcomes $4b commitment for jobs in regions

Foley commits proceeds from Snowy Hydro sale to regions.

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