Specialist police domestic violence team for Northern NSW

A DEDICATED team targeting repeat domestic violence offenders will be establish in northern NSW, it has been announced by police in Coffs Harbour today.

The Domestic Violence High Risk Offender Teams are part of the NSW Police Force's strategy to target recidivist offenders and reduce the rate of re-offending.

Northern Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Max Mitchell, joined local police this morning in Coffs Harbour to announce the new team.

He said any form of domestic and family violence is a crime, and perpetrators need to be targeted by police and held to account for their actions.

"There has always been a focus on victims of domestic violence, which is entirely appropriate, but a shift to perpetrator accountability means police are able to pro-actively target those offending and often re-offending," Assistant Commissioner Mitchell said.

"A crime is a crime and domestic violence is one of the oldest and most insidious crimes in our society and these specialist officers will play an important role in saving lives."

The DV High Risk Offender Team will target serious, high-risk and recidivist offenders across Northern NSW.

"It is important to have specialist police targeting the worst offenders and supporting the most vulnerable victims."

NSW Police said it will continue to work closely with other government and non-government agencies to reduce domestic and family violence as a whole.

Minister for Police Troy Grant said the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government is 'committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence' across NSW.

"We have seen the positive impacts of DV High Risk Offender Teams already rolled out across the state and today's announcement is a major step forward for those affected by the scourge of domestic violence in the Northern Region," Mr Grant said.

"By having specialised police in towns right across the state's north, it is a real boost for the community and the safety of those affected.

"This Government is giving police the resources they need to target domestic violence perpetrators right across NSW like never before, while providing support to victims at the same time," Mr Grant said.

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