South Grafton man jailed for assault

A SOUTH Grafton man awaiting a District Court trial on drug supply and firearms charges has been jailed by a local court magistrate for assaulting a woman.

Daniel Hollingsworth, 35, appeared before Grafton Local Court yesterday for a hearing after he pleaded not guilty to one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The complainant, Lauren Fauntleroy, said she had known Hollingsworth for 12 months when she was driven to his house at Bligh St, South Grafton by a friend about 6.15pm on May 9, with the intention to talk to her ex-boyfriend, whose car was parked out the front.

On the witness stand yesterday, Ms Fauntleroy told the court she walked up to the front door and spoke to Hollingsworth's girlfriend, asking to speak to her ex-boyfriend about getting "her stuff" back.

"(She) called Dan to come outside, he was in another room, and he came out and just punched me in the face," she said.

She said Hollingsworth then kicked her down the front steps causing further injuries, which could be seen in photos taken by police of bruising and swelling to her cheek, neck and knee two days after the incident.

While Ms Fauntleroy spoke to police on the night of the incident, she said she didn't make a statement immediately because she "wanted to think about it".

Hollingsworth, in his defence, denied he punched her at all.

In the transcript of a police interview with the defendant on June 8, which was tendered to court as Exhibit 3, he told officers she turned up to the house yelling, and "pretty much attacked" him when he walked out to tell her to leave.

He said in the interview that she later tried to smash the window of her ex-boyfriend's car.

"She chucked half a brick at the back window and it bounced back and hit her in the head I think," he told officers.

Magistrate Robyn Denes found him guilty of the assault.

He was sentenced to 12 months in jail with a non-parole period of nine months.

Hollingsworth's District Court trial will be heard in Grafton on October 4.

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