Fight to save local uniform shop

OUTRAGED and upset, the Woolgoolga community has thrown its support behind a local business being pushed out by a city counterpart and is taking its campaign online.

Woolgoolga High School has moved to have its uniforms sold through an outlet for Sydney company Daylight Sportswear but supporters of local uniform supplier Solar 7 Oz-E Kids Clothing have spoken up, starting with a Facebook page dedicated to saving the store.

The ‘Save Zoe Uniform Shop Woolgoolga’ page was started by concerned community members Cristal Atkinson and Shazzy Bryce and already has close to 400 members pledging their support for the store.

Parents, grandparents and even community members without children have been standing up to be counted.

Mandy Hawkins posted the following: “I’ve been getting my three kids’ uniforms at Zoe’s forever. From Woopi Primary, Mullaway Primary and Woopi High. Always good value and good quality... What the hell is Woopi High doing to our local business? What happened to teaching our kids community spirit?”

Another mother, Tracey Anlezark, said she couldn’t believe it.

“Getting Zac to high school is expensive enough without this ridiculous Sydney brand crap we have to pay for,” she wrote.

Former student Amanda Merle Janka Nykolyn said it was just wrong: “I think that Woolgoolga and surroundings will come together and help out like we always do as a community. Zoe is the favourite local!”

Owner of Solar 7 Oz-E Kids Clothing Zoe White said she was absolutely blown away by the support she’d received from the community.

“The first I heard about Facebook was when a woman from Western Australia, who went to Woolgoolga High, called me and wanted to know the story because she was deeply concerned about what was happening to local business in the area,” Mrs White said.

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