Sorry, but Putin's phallic motorcade is a fake

AS much as we wish this Vladimir Putin phallic-shaped motorcade was genuine, it sadly appears to be a fake.

A screengrab  has been doing the rounds on Reddit and Twitter for the past few days, in which it appears the Russian president and his bodyguards are travelling in a crude procession through the streets of Moscow.

However, after nothing more than a few minutes of digging the original version of the video, after Russian elections in 2012, shows a similar looking motorcade, but crucially in a much more chaotic formation than the one above.

Skip to around 3:40 to see the motorcade in all its glory.


Russia's president super friendly with China's first lady

As leaders from 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific region gathered for the annual APEC conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin took it upon himself to get chivalrous with China's first lady.

While Chinese President Xi Jin Ping was distracted speaking to Barack Obama in Beijing's aquatics centre, Mr Putin was speaking to Peng Liyuan.

Mr Putin suddenly stood up, and draped a large jacket around the first lady's shoulders… only for her to subtly slip it off moments later and have it replaced by a by-standing aide.

State broadcasters China Central Television (CCTV) caught the whole thing on camera according to Foreign Policy - with the commentator calling it a chivalrous move by Putin and the footage even made its way onto social networking site Weibo.

But censors later kicked in to action and scrubbed all evidence of the footage within hours, fearful that it looked bad on the country's leaders.

Awkward diplomacy has been a running theme at the summit. When Mr Xi met Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe the pair exchanged what was possibly the least friendly handshake in recent memory…


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