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Solar for our future, but not in our backyard

Neighbours have banded together in opposition against the proposed solar farm in the Orara Valley, while many have realised solar's potential as perhaps the Coffs Coast's next big industry.

Here's what passionate Advocate readers have had to say on the proposal.

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No complaints over suburban solar panels

WHY all the fuss about Coffs proposed solar panel farm when the planet's average temperature is rising, Australia is suffering an abnormal heatwave, the world is experiencing catastrophic meteorological events and the majority of world scientists and David Attenborough agree that global warming is a reality?

I have solar panels on my roof and so do many of my neighbours, no one complains about their effect on the aesthetics of the street nor any construed negative repercussions they may produce because intelligent people weight up the consequences of doing nothing to save this planet.

And as for goats, they eat almost anything so what better way to mow the lawn and control weeds, no noise and air polluting lawn mowers needed.

So wake up complainers, your selfish, limited and ignorant thoughtlessness fails to look at the big picture and future generations, if of course humanity survives this century.

Lynette F Hyde, Toormina




Could solar be the next big industry on the Coffs Coast?
Could solar be the next big industry on the Coffs Coast? zbynek-burival

Valley says no to solar farm

I LIVE on Coldwater Creek Road in Nana Glen and read your article on the proposed solar farm with interest.

I support solar farms but not at this location.

Certainly, the owners who've agreed to lease their land for the farm are entitled to the full enjoyment of their property - unless it unreasonably impacts on someone else's full enjoyment of theirs.

This is just such a case.

And casting it in terms of 'good-for-the-environment'?

More like good for someone's wallet.

This is not a case of NIMBY.

There are plenty of places to put solar but simply because some of my neighbours want to make an earn does not make this area any more suitable for it.

I certainly don't believe that the land won't be negatively impacted.

And goats to keep the weeds down? Please. I can see that happening for the next 25 years.

I find it fascinating that we're even discussing this considering the local winery can't have a day on the green every couple of months because someone's parrot gets a migraine.

Kelly McLoughlin-Wilden


The Coffs Coast's solar bonus

THE headline for Advocate front page could have read "Solar Bonus".

A solar farm close to Coffs Harbour is excellent news. 

Transmission losses will be minimal due to its proximity to a local substation.

Plenty of sunshine is available for free.

Construction will provide a boost to our local economy in the form of site preparation, civil engineering, installation, provision of goods and services and the list goes on.

Ongoing maintenance over the lifetime of the farm will provide long term work. 

Unfortunately some misinformation about the solar farm is being bandied about and a little research about the farm and its developer Rio Indygen should dispel any fears.

Great news for our planet, climate and Coffs Harbour. 

Russell Chiffey, Coffs Harbour



Solar Farm protest nana glenn.07 JAN 2019
Solar Farm protest nana glenn.07 JAN 2019 TREVOR VEALE

The Coffs Coast needs to go solar

I READ the article in the Advocate about the controversy regarding the planned solar farm at Nana Glen.

The climate change we are causing threatens us with civilisation collapse within decades.

We know this from credible sources: the United Nations and the 97% of climate scientists who don't receive fossil fuel funding. Therefore, let's support an increase in solar energy.

One of the main concerns about the proposed solar farm is "herbicide pollution from the site".

However, like one of the advocates of the project mentioned, there is no need for any because sheep or goats or kangaroos & wallabies can graze there.

Dual-use of land like this benefits us all.

Another concern is people's subjective beliefs about beauty.

I, for one, like solar and wind power generators.

They remind me of beautiful sci-fi visions of the future.

I certainly like them more than most aspects of modern technology (e.g. leaf blowers, lawn mowers, coal mines, coal burning plants, petrol-guzzling cars and petrol stations, all of which which harm our health and smell disgusting - because their fumes are toxic).

I welcome more solar panels in many places in Australia, including where I live in Coffs Harbour.

Let's use them to power our homes and business plus electric cars, trucks, buses and trains.


Simon Wood


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