Bayldon local new face of soccer

FORMER Matilda’s footballer Jenna Tristram is the public face of a major television campaign coinciding with soccer’s World Cup.

Designed to recruit young players into the game, a commercial featuring the Bayldon local is part of the $80,000 schedule running on Prime, NBN and Southern Cross 10 from December to March, annually.

Northern New South Wales Football chief executive David Eland said in his most recent report to constituent bodies, the campaign was part of a wider sponsorship program run in conjunction with McDonald’s Australia.

“Sponsorship is a vital revenue stream which benefits every player, because without it, registration fees would be significantly more expensive,” he said.

“This month I’d like to highlight McDonald’s for their support of grassroots football throughout Northern NSW for the past six years.”

Along with the established advertising campaign, an additional television commercial, which aims to raise the profile of the sport and some of its young stars throughout the year, is also utilised.

“There are also 1250 school development kits including balls, markers, bibs and a set of pop-up goals, provided free of charge to schools throughout Northern NSW,” Eland revealed.

“A total of 42, $500 scholarships, which are distributed to six identified junior players in each of NNSWF’s seven member zones, are given out along with the provision of 60,000 ‘star of the week’ reward certificates.

“On top of that, 260 Optus small-sided football packs, which include two sets of pop-up goals, 10 game leaders, two hub co-ordinator and five instructing referee bibs are provided free of charge to every junior club. There’s the allocation of two co-branded tray mats in McDonald’s restaurants and 10,000 VIP cards for volunteers.”

All up, the annual value of support has now reached almost $250,000 in NNSWF’s area alone, making the code the envy of AFL and the two rugby codes.

In the commercials screening now, Tristram highlights how her rise to international status began in junior soccer on local fields.

While she is still to fully outline the reasons for her retirement from the Matildas, a tragic run of injuries is expected to be the main contributing factor.

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