SOAP BOX: My toddler screamed all the way to Cairns

I WAS recently one of those mothers with a toddler who screamed from about half an hour into a flight from Brisbane to Cairns until we landed.  

About one hour and 45 minutes to be exact.  

My son, who is not quite two, was ill and going through a night terror where he had half-woken from a nap and began calling out for his mummy, even though I was right there holding onto him.  

It's nothing new for us, both of my children experience them when they are getting a virus.  

But this is the first time I had to deal with it in full view of dozens of passengers in a smallish aircraft - many of them unaware that he wasn't awake through the ordeal.   But I digress.

My gripe is with the man who was sitting in front of me.   As if dealing with my son was not enough, this "gentleman" had decided to move across to the empty seat next to him and then recline.  

Recline.   In front of the mother with an inconsolable child who was screaming blue murder.  

With my husband and daughter in the other two seats in our row, there was nowhere for me to escape to but the walkway.  

Anyone who flies knows it's impossible to walk up and down one of those without bumping into elbows and bobbed heads of sleeping passengers on your own, let alone while carrying a distressed little one.  

Yet there he stayed for the remainder of the flight, oblivious to the fact he was impeding the space I needed to help settle my little man, who was too young to have a seat of his own.  

Please, when you next fly and feel like reclining your seat, check who is behind you before you do so.

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