Memo to Queenslanders: Shut up and enjoy it while it lasts

GLORY DAYS: Remember this Maroons? Origin III in 2000, the Blues spanked you lot 56-16. Enjoy the glory while it lasts, it fades fast.
GLORY DAYS: Remember this Maroons? Origin III in 2000, the Blues spanked you lot 56-16. Enjoy the glory while it lasts, it fades fast. DEAN LEWINS-AAP

PAUL Gallen was spot on when he said Queensland were bad winners.

You're even worse losers.

After a decade of having the rub of the green, it's still not enough to satisfy these arrogant cane toads.

Finally the penalty count pendulum swung back in the Blues' favour in a massive way on Wednesday night and aren't we hearing about it.

Ignore the fact Queensland were afforded the shortest 10m I've ever seen all night.

Of course we ignore that.

Ignore every act of grubbery in the ruck by Corey Parker, Cameron Smith and Greg Inglis ever carried out in a decade of dominance.

That 2012 Inglis knock-on try anyone?

Oops, sorry, forgot that Maroon amnesia kicks in pretty regularly.

The Cronk sin bin. Sure, slow-motion is a wonderful thing, but in real-time, the first time, it was a professional foul, end of story. Note Cronk also had his hands around Tyson Frizell in Game II, when Frizell came up millimetres short 80m away of pulling off an epic try-saver.

Some might call that justice. Queenslanders call it bias, cheating or corruption.

The fact the powers that be have sanitised what was the greatest showpiece the game boasted to the point where it continues to come down to refereeing and pre-game chatter to liven the match up isn't the fault of players or fans.

But to see Queenslanders now cry poor because the Blues- albeit with a slice of luck and at long last a share of the referees' favour, were able to notch up a win- is pathetic.

Take it for what it was. It's not always going to be your night and some nights Cam Smith, aka the second pocket ref, isn't going to be able to weave his magic and hypnotise the men with the whistle.

You guys defended your socks off, as usual, turned up all night and showed in those minutes when you were a man down exactly what has made you such a formidable side.

Appreciate that, the series win and the once in a generation line-up of superstars you have for a few moments before reverting to your standard whinge session after a rare loss.

The momentum will swing back some day, of that you can be certain.

It wasn't all that long ago Fletch, Joey, Freddy, Buderus and co were throwing hand grenades, romping to series victories back to back and people were ready to declare Origin dead.

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