Snake alive! Coast catchers called out 10 times a week

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers have still been catching snakes through winter.
Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers have still been catching snakes through winter.

IF you thought snakes on the Sunshine Coast were enjoying a winter slumber, you were wrong.

Snakes are already out-and-about with Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher, Ross McGivvon responding to three call outs this Monday morning alone.

Mr McGivvon said many people were under the assumption snakes hibernated in winter.

"It's not cold enough for snakes to hibernate in Australia," he explained.

"What they do instead is brumate."

Brumation is defined as a "lethargic state in animals", similar to hibernation.

The key difference is they don't go to sleep in a hidey-hole for long periods.

Mr McGivvon said they would sleep for short periods and then come out when the sun was shining.

"They are less active," he said.

"But we have three call outs this morning since the sun has been out."

Normally Mr McGivvon responded to between seven to 10 calls to catch a snake a week.

This is still far less activity than in summer.

"In summer we have 10 a day," he said.

The call outs on Monday were to a snakes in homes in Nambour, Eumundi and Buderim.

But its not only snakes that are unusually active for the middle of winter.

Some residents in Coolum Beach have noticed an unusual number of mosquitoes for this time of the year.

And fruit trees also appear to be starting to bloom.

With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting temperatures to reach the high 20s later in the week, nature may become even more confused.

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