Smells won't go away overnight

A MEETING held at Biomass Solutions yesterday concerning the smells from the area proved the problem will not disappear overnight.

Concerned residents, representatives from Coffs Harbour City Council and from Biomass Solutions, met yesterday morning in a bid to resolve the issues surrounding the smells that have previously been so bad that some people have taken physically ill.

For concerned residents Zeno and Mandy Baston, who say they are literally sick of the smell, the meeting was of little comfort.

"I've been dealing with the council for almost 27 years on this issue, this here is just another process," Mrs Baston said.

"I've been doing a walking petition around Isles Drive, and I've already got almost 200 signatures. People are shocked this is actually happening."

Mr Baston has had enough.

"I don't want to smell it anymore. Nothing's changing - we could meet every day, but we've been going over the same thing for 30 years," he said.

Director of Biomass Solutions, Paul Coffey, said Biomass is sympathetic and that they are working toward eliminating the problem.

"We've put in a huge effort to eliminate the issue, and will continue to do so. We have empathy, and we are working to try and resolve the issues," he said.

"The fact is, we were here a year before there was a problem - and we did have a problem - but we rectified that.

"Now, we are doing everything we can to find the smaller issues and rectify them. We have professionals helping us do that, and I believe we're dealing with it in a professional manner. I'd love to say it will change overnight, but that's just not how it works."

Coffs Harbour City Council's executive manager of strategy and sustainable planning, Geoff Green, had much the same sentiments about landfill.

"There have been issues that have been worked through, and there are further improvements to occur," he said.

"We have a working party with contractors to work continuously for ways of eventually stopping the disposal of putrescible waste at the landfill," he said.

"We're not walking away - we're not in denial."

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